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Don’t Get Caught Without a Flu Shot!

December 7, 2015 at 7:38 pm

The holidays are officially here – meaning whether you like it or not – family, friends, and even foes will be all around you. With this being said, it’s important that you prepare your body for flu season with these 6 tips as well as get a flu shot!

I already had the flu this year – do I still need the vaccine?
Just because you had the flu already this season does NOT mean you’re in the clear. The vaccine will still benefit you because of the many different viruses and strains you can contract. There are 3 types of influenza viruses – A, B, & C – with influenza A & B each having various strains of their own. Yes, it’s true, you can get the flu more than once during flu season.

Who should be vaccinated?
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), recommends an annual flu shot for those older than 6 months – unless you are someone who should not get the vaccine. Getting a flu shot is is especially important for those who are at high risk for flu related complications such as children, pregnant women, and people struggling with illness.

I got the flu shot last year – should I get it again?
The flu shot is an annual vaccine – meaning you can not rely on ones you have received in past years to protect you now. Why? Because flu viruses are constantly changing. The vaccine is updated annually to try and match which strains are most common. Immune protection from this vaccine also declines over time.  

When is flu season anyway?
Flu season runs from fall to spring, with most cases occurring from December through February. If you didn’t get a flu shot yet, it’s not too late! One rumor going around is you need to be vaccinated in November for it to be effective – FALSE! As long as the flu virus is still out there, you can still catch it, and you can still prevent it.

Am I covered?
Most health insurance plans cover the cost of the flu shot. If you aren’t sure, call your provider to check first. If you do not currently have health insurance, call us and make an appointment today. You can meet with one of our Certified Application Counselors who will walk you through the process of obtaining health insurance absolutely FREE. Remember, even if you don’t have health insurance, you can still get the healthcare you need. True Health offers services at a sliding scale fee depending on your family’s income.

Stay healthy this flu season!

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