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True Health: Now Offering Free Vaccines for Adults

August 23, 2017 at 12:39 pm

The Florida Vaccines for Children (VFC) program has been around for over 20 years. But now, True Health is excited to announce a new program coming to all our locations – what we have lovingly nicknamed “Vaccines for Adults.”

Why VFC Isn’t Enough

VFC is a state program that uses federal funds to provide free immunization for children whose insurance doesn’t cover vaccines – or who don’t have insurance at all. This program helps children through the age of 18 – up until the day before their 19th birthday.

The problem is that vaccination doesn’t stop at age 18, so there is also a huge need in the adult population. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 45% of adults in the U.S. received the flu shot in 2016. And think about it – do you know anyone who got a tetanus shot after stepping on something sharp? There is a full vaccination schedule for adults that includes immunization against hepatitis, HPV, measles, and varicella.

And paying for these recommended vaccines out of pocket gets expensive. Some vaccines, like HPV, cost over $150 per dose – and that doesn’t include administration fees or other office visit costs.

New and Improved Vaccines For Adults

We want to ensure that everyone has access to vaccines because they help prevent the spread of disease, saving an estimated 2 to 3 million lives every year. That’s why we’re thrilled to be the first health center in Central Florida to pilot a program named Project 17 – or, as we call it, “Vaccines for Adults.”

Vaccines for Adults (VFA) is a community pilot project that offers vaccines at no charge to uninsured and underinsured patients. We’ve been piloting VFA since October 2016 at our Hoffner location, where we have been able to provide free vaccines for 65 patients.

Our pilot has been highly successful. On top of meeting all requirements for quality and vaccine distribution, we have proven there is a need for this program in Central Florida. Because of the success at Hoffner, we are now expanding the pilot to include all True Health locations.

What VFA Can Do For You

Patients’ eligibility for the program is determined at the time of the visit. For patients without insurance, congrats – we have you covered! For insured patients, our True Health team will do the work for you to find out what vaccines your plan does or does not cover.

Vaccines covered by VFA include:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis)
  • PPSV23 (pneumococcal vaccination)
  • MCV (meningococcal vaccine)
  • HPV (human papillomavirus vaccination)
  • Influenza

We’re especially excited to make Tdap widely available for our OB and podiatry patients. Tdap is now recommended for all pregnant moms, and our podiatry department regularly administers the vaccine for foot injuries.

We’ll keep you posted as our Vaccines for Adults program continues to expand. In the meantime, we invite you to take advantage of the new service we provide for our Central Florida family.

What Our Patients Say

True Health was a great experience. The staff were very friendly and attentive! I didn't have a lot of time in my work schedule but True Health was able to fit me in and get me back to work on time. A very pleasant experience!John R
I took my child to True Health and was amazed by the level of care she received. The staff were super friendly and very informative. We were in and out in no time!Samantha S
True Health is my home when I get sick, I drive from the other side of town to the E. Colonial office because I trust them. Everyone from the front office, to the manager and of course, my Doctor are great! I wouldn't go anywhere else!Pedro C
I am very thankful to have such a good doctor [at True Health]. The nurses are super and very caring people... I always have a great visit.Diana S
I love my doctor! I feel that she is truly there to keep me healthy and to live life fully and enjoyably!Sarah W.
I was called in promptly with no hassles! My doctor has been treating me for over a year and has managed to diagnose and keep my diabetes and asthma under control.Sylvia P.
The first thing I look for is customer service and this center has always been performing excellent customer service! Always smiling and greeting me walking in the door, very helpful with my needs. I will always recommend this center because of the #1 service!F. Bell