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March 24, 2016 at 4:52 pm

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the US in both men and women – falling just behind breast, prostate, and lung cancers. The American Cancer Society estimates about 49,190 people in the US will die from colorectal cancer in 2016. With this epidemic on our hands, at True Health we have made it our priority to reach out to the community and raise awareness about this disease.

Sometimes, when you want something, you have to ask for it – and that’s exactly what we did. True Health was just awarded – for the second year in a row – the Colorectal Cancer Practice Improvement Program Grant (or CRC PIP Grant for short). This grant was awarded to us from the American Cancer Society to help train our employees and educate our patients about the importance of annual colorectal screenings. When we first applied for this grant in 2014, we received $10,000 and after re-applying in 2015, we received an additional $14,000!

Screenings are the most effective way you can prevent colorectal cancer. If you are over the age of 50, help us help you by calling (407)322-8645 and schedule your colorectal screening today.

The bottom line? Whichever method you choose – get screened!

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True Health was a great experience. The staff were very friendly and attentive! I didn't have a lot of time in my work schedule but True Health was able to fit me in and get me back to work on time. A very pleasant experience!John R
I took my child to True Health and was amazed by the level of care she received. The staff were super friendly and very informative. We were in and out in no time!Samantha S
True Health is my home when I get sick, I drive from the other side of town to the E. Colonial office because I trust them. Everyone from the front office, to the manager and of course, my Doctor are great! I wouldn't go anywhere else!Pedro C
I am very thankful to have such a good doctor [at True Health]. The nurses are super and very caring people... I always have a great visit.Diana S
I love my doctor! I feel that she is truly there to keep me healthy and to live life fully and enjoyably!Sarah W.
I was called in promptly with no hassles! My doctor has been treating me for over a year and has managed to diagnose and keep my diabetes and asthma under control.Sylvia P.
The first thing I look for is customer service and this center has always been performing excellent customer service! Always smiling and greeting me walking in the door, very helpful with my needs. I will always recommend this center because of the #1 service!F. Bell